Devil May Cry 4

The fourth installment in the mythological war game series


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An Action Adventure platform that will have you hacking down demons in droves.

Devil May Cry is a mainstay in Capcom's award winning roster of games and features many of the same characters fans of the series have grown to love. Set in the time between the events of Devil May Cry 1 and 2, the game breaks away from using Dante as a protagonist and instead centers on Nero, a teenager involved with the demon worshiping order of the Sword cult. the story takes off when Dante crashes in and assassinates their high priest. The series itself is devilishly hard and this installment is no different. Levels can be replayed and each play through will see players given a grade. Rewards are performance based, so getting higher grades on play through is beneficial. the game was released on Xbox, Playstation 3 and PC.

Game Play

The bread and butter of Devil May Cry games is the combat and this fourth installment is no different. the game rewards stylistic dispatching of enemies and gives the players multiple tools with which to pull off insane maneuvers that will have you wanting to replay missions. Nero has access to two weapons, Blue Rose ( a powerful hand gun ) and Red Queen ( a gas powered sword that can be revved up like a motorcycle ) as well as many skills. Red orbs and proud souls are the games currency and used to upgrade both weapons to skills. Don't like an upgrade? You can un-spend the upgrade and recoup a percentage of the cost. Dante is playable as well, eventually, and brings with him his iconic sword and pistols as well as all the weapon styles from DMC3. You'll be playing Nero far more than Dante, but fans will appreciate that the main hero wasn't left completely out of this game.


Devil May Cry 4 has impressive and polished presentation. Combat is wild and frenzied with the ability to switch between skills and weapons on the fly resulting in some truly amazing sequences. Enemies are varied and impressive, meaning you'll always fighting interesting and challenging enemies. Graphics are great and even with all the action on the screen, things never seem to bog down too much. Hollywood quality game engine designed cut scenes are frequent between missions and tell an elaborate (if dark ) story.


  • Fantastic and challenging missions
  • Involving story
  • Great replay value with changing difficulty modes and different ability paths


  • This is a hard game, not for the faint of heart!
  • Landscapes can get redundant and the color pallet for locations in the game isn't varied much
  • There is a lot of backtracking at times and this can get tedious
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